The main goal of any trader is to make a profit. And as soon as the trade balance is replenished with
income from transactions, the trader has to decide how to withdraw money from Forex. There are
several ways, in which experienced professionals recommend. All these methods have been repeatedly
tested by traders, some of them are good for large players, others are good for beginners with small
Today, any broker offers us many options for replenishing the trading account and withdrawing the
earned money. Basically, these are bank transfers and electronic payment systems.
Banking forex card is a plastic debit card issued by a bank on the order of a broker company for
entering and withdrawing funds from a real trading account of a trader. Doing business in the foreign
exchange market is not the easiest way, but one of the most profitable activities. In addition to the
work in the market, studying trading strategies, fundamental news and conducting technical analysis,
there is one more thing - how to deduce profits from personal forex accounts?
You can withdraw money from forex in various ways, such as: transfer to a bank account, receipt and
cashing of a check, as well as transfer to electronic wallets such as webmoney. Each of the options is
good in its own way, but also have drawbacks, in terms of large commissions or not short waiting
times, until you receive a check. To save money on commissions and relatively quickly withdraw from
the account and cash your money, a specialized bank card for forex is perfect.
What are the advantages of debit forex cards?
- A bank forex card, enables you to cash out or replenish your personal trading account as soon as
- Minimal commission for crediting / withdrawing funds on the card.
- No commission when paying for goods at retail outlets.
- Plastic card of a foreign bank with high limits on the amount of transactions.
- The ability to use the card at ATMs anywhere in the world.
- Purchases on the Internet.
Of course, the fees and prices for the content of the card may vary, depending on which broker you
work with. But in general, these rules are valid for most prepaid forex bank cards. Unfortunately not
all brokerage companies offer their customers prepaid bank cards.
In must be pointed out, that these card are not free. The prices for the maintenance of the card and
the commission of the beginning trader can upset, especially the activation cost, but if your income is
calculated not by hundreds but by thousands of dollars, such a payment is quite tolerable. Since there
is no commission for payment for purchases, this card can be recommended for this purpose and only
by cashless settlement, since the commission for withdrawing money through the ATM "bites".
Brokerage cards
Some brokers offer to use their bank cards. A feature of this method is complete confidentiality, since
accounts are often open in the offshore zone, therefore, transactions on accounts are not subject to
the law on financial monitoring.
For the use of cards, brokers charge a certain percentage or a fixed amount (up to $ 5 per transaction).
For the withdrawal of cash in the ATM will also be taken commission, because this method is
considered unprofitable for novice traders and those who earn small amounts.
Deciding how to withdraw money from Forex, industry experts recommend paying attention to the
term of the operation and the features of withdrawal of funds.